Venice came to us at about 9 years old, sick with a giant mammary tumor that felt like a bag of marbles. When she visited the vet, her white blood count was very high, and she was put on 3 kinds of medication to get her blood levels to a level that would be safe to operate. Venice went into surgery a couple weeks later and when the doctor opened her up, our fears were confirmed. Her organs were all being attacked by cancer and Venice probably didn't have too long to live. The vet removed everything they could from her breasts, spayed her and we closed her up and prayed for the best. The next few weeks were filed with adventures and joy. We got ice cream, and puppachinos, and she even got up to chase the chickens a couple times. Venice was loved by everyone she met and her sweet, dark eyes could melt your heart. Venice passed away with the help of the vet in Mid January after she became too weak to stand. She was surrounded by love and tears when she passed and will be deeply missed.

Venice intake photo 1
Venice Recovery
Venice surgery
Venice Surgery
Venice Christmas
Venice Groomed
Venice tumor/intake
Venice intake photo 2
Pretty girl