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Stormy was seen in Phelan, he had been in the desert for over 3 months. It took a few hours of work to catch him, but the need was urgent because someone had put a piece of storm drain around his neck, and as he grew it had become tighter.  After we got him to the vet to be examined, and got the pipe cut off, we took him home and got him settled in. At his next vet exam, we discovered Stormy was used as target practice by someone... 2 pellets were surgically removed from his face and chest. After over a month of vet visits, lots of love and care, Stormy found forever love with his new mom and fur-sister in a beautiful home in Oregon.

Update June 2018:

After 3 years with his adoptive family, Stormy was diagnosed with bone cancer, and after 2 months of aggressive treatment, his body couldn't take anymore and he passed away in the arms of his momma.

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