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Our Programs

Making a Difference in Our Community

Free Spay/Neuter

The main reason people in our area are not fixing their pets is simply because they cannot afford the ever-rising costs of spay and neuter. We are here to help families who have received citations from Animal Control or who have had an accidental litter. Present your animal control citation or surrender your litter of puppies and we will make and appointment to have your dogs altered and vaccinated for free!

Vaccine Clinic

Every summer we see dozens (if not hundreds!) of cases of ParvoVirus puppies. Parvo is a highly contagious, but totally preventable disease that can be vaccinated against with a simple injection. The first weekend of the month from June through August we offer vaccination at our local vet hospital to try to stop the spread of the virus in our area.

Low Cost Microchips

Stray dogs are more likely to be reunited with their families when they have a microchip! Contact us any time for a $15 microchip placement in your pets.

STAR Puppy & CGC

We are huge on training! Well behaved, trained dogs are less likely to be surrendered to a rescue or shelter, so we offer both STAR Puppy and CGC Training and testing. There are a few options for this training, from day sessions with your own dog, to a camp setting where the dog stays on the ranch Mon-Fri or Weekends (or Both!). There is a required donation for these services. (Must be potty trained and dog friendly for camp.)

Payton's Pantry

If you run into rough times, we are here to help. Our supplemental food distribution program offers one bag of food per month to low income families in need. To apply, please contact the program manager at

Individual Help

Sometimes families need some specialized help with their situation, and we get that. Please feel free to reach out to us with any of your needs, we are happy to try to solve problems with our community.


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