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We met Gemma in the midde of a spring night. There was a post on facebook that someones husband had hit a dog, the dog was injured and they couldn't afford the vet bill. We rushed to pick her up, and get her comfortable with some pain medication. In the morning, her x-rays showed us exactly what we feared; a complete break of the femur. Gemma underwent surgery 2 days later and had a pin placed in her leg. She remained hospitalized and the other cuts on her leg caused infection to grow at the surgery site, prolonging her recovery time almost 3 weeks and causing nerve damage in her leg. We never gave up on sweet little Gemma, who always greeted us with licks and a wagging tail, even though she had suffered so much. When Gemma finally came home, she had 6 weeks of hydrotherapy and physical therapy to help her learn to walk again. She never lost her spirit, and could cheer up anyone who came her way. After she was fully recovered, we found the perfect match, and when they met it was love at first sight for the both of them.

Gemma is still as amazing as ever, enjoying the dog beach and making her family smile...

and we hope she will be for many years to come!

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