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Our application process


Thank you for considering us to help you find the newest addition to your family. 


Our adoption process is very straight forward and simple. We require an application, background check, address verification, references, and photos of your yard (focusing on your fence line and gates).  

Approval can be complete in just a couple of hours, and at that time appointments to introduce you to the dog (or dogs) can be made.  If the meeting goes well, and you would like to complete the adoption at that time, there is an Adoption Contract that outlines the basic requirements for adopting our pets.

By taking one of our dogs home, you are agreeing to abide by the conditions set forth in our contract, fully and without exception.

In most cases, before the meeting, we take the dog in for a final exam, to update any outdated vaccinations, insert microchip, have an exit fecal exam or deworming done, and if not already completed, spay or neuter. 

If your dog is ready to go home on the day of your meeting, and we have approved your yard, you may leave with your new pet.

We strive for the transition from foster to forever to be as seamless as possible, but there is always a transitionary period during which the dog will learn about their new home and depending on the dog, it may be stressful or scary. Giving your new loved one time to adjust is necessary, and we are always here to support you during this time. We have a few tricks up our sleeve, so if you run into problems, give us a call or send a text and we will help you through it.

Now for the technical stuff....

If you cannot take your dog home at the time of adoption, we will care for them for up to 3 days, free of charge.

After 3 days there is a $20/day charge for boarding.  

All of our dogs 6 months and older are vet checked, fixed, vaccinated including rabies, dewormed, and microchipped.

Puppies under 6 months have had at least 1 set of vaccinations (A course of 3 vaccines, 3-4 weeks apart are given to puppies), have been dewormed, and microchipped.

If vaccinations are not complete, adopters are encouraged to return so we can complete for the 2nd vaccine here at our vet. It becomes the adoptive family's responsibility to complete the series. Puppies who have not had their entire course of vaccinations ARE NOT generally taken into the vet unless there is something that needs to be addressed, due to the risk of being exposed to infectious diseases. Every adoption comes with a  free vet exam. If the exam was not completed in the week of the adoption, and we ask that each family takes advantage of this by immediately visiting our vet for a full exam, so that we may extend our 5 day health guarantee, and activate our 30 days of free pet insurance.  During the exam, if any health issues or concerns are found, they are covered by our organization and will be at no cost to you. AT ANY VET VISIT BEFORE ALL VACCINES HAVE BEEN ADMINISTERED, KEEP YOUR PUPPY IN YOUR ARMS, DO NOT PUT THE PUPPY ON THE FLOOR OR LET HIM/HER PLAY WITH OTHER DOGS OR BE PET BY OTHER PEOPLE (These other dogs/people are here because their dog is ill) ONLY PLACE YOUR PUP ON THE CLEAN EXAM TABLE.

On the same note, puppies should never be taken into any pet store, dog park, or on walks in public areas. Puppies have a weak immune system and should only be around other healthy, vaccinated dogs.

All medical issues are addressed before a dog is put up for adoption, and will be discussed prior to adoption. Dogs may be sent home with medications that the new family will need to administer. Due to the nature of rescue, we generally have no history and cannot make any guarantees on the long-term health of an animal. Any health issues that arise within 5 days of adoption (longer in some situations) are treated at our vet at no cost to you.

If your personal vet is used, no reimbursement will be given.

We continuously work on potty training, leash and crate training, house manners, basic commands, and socialization with other dogs, cats, children as young as 3 years old and some livestock. We cannot make any guarantees about the temperament of an animal after it leaves our care, because change in environment, new people and animals can cause different reactions. All the behaviors that are observed by the foster family will be shared with you during the meeting. In some situations dogs may go home with a training program in place. It is best if that program is continued and if that involves a class or private sessions, all or a portion of the training will be covered by the rescue. It is always suggested to enjoy group training classes with your pet, as not only a source of structure and learning, but a self-esteem boosting, bonding experience, and chance to socialize in a safe setting with other well behaved dogs.

If for ANY REASON during the pets life you are unable to keep or care for your animal, you must contact the rescue and either return them to us, or to another approved rescue. Adequate time must be given to find placement for the pet, and there may be a fee to relinquish the dog, in order to cover the expenses of bringing the dog back into rescue (vetting, boarding, microchip transfer, grooming, training, etc). If your dog has to be immediately reclaimed, and there is no open foster available, there will be a $20/day boarding fee so that we may send the dog to a local boarding facility for up to 1 month. A dog is a lifetime commitment, and we do not take placement lightly. Please be sure you are ready to accept responsibility for the love, care and safety of a new family member before adopting!

Sound Good?

If you have been approved and would ike to put a hold on a dog, please follow the donate link below

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